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Just in: M1 rifle. Built for a reenactor that never used it. A very nice parts kit with a very good balance of early and late features assembled on a rewelded receiver. In the early days of civilian ownership of the M1 rifle that used to be the only way you could get an M1 rifle outside of the civilian marksmanship program. Barrel is Mid 60s dated and in very good condition Has a milled trigger guard and single slot gas plug. Has the high hum gas lock caller and late model rear sight. Comes complete with leather 1906 pattern sling. Reconditioned to its current attractive appearance. A solid shooter grade rifle. Just perfect to run up the beach or to take to the range. $1200

Just off the bench: Oviedo 1916 “gardia” mauser. This is a handy early model carbine in the powerful 7 mm chambering. This is a 96 cock on closing style mauser. A small ring action with the pre-World War I style carbine site. Has been recently rebuilt and has one heck of a strong spring. Nice stock questionable handguard. Get your “Hemingway Mauser“ of the Spanish civil war today. $400

Just in on consignment. Marlin model 60 SS. This stainless steel version of Marlins popular tube fed 22 caliber rifle is ready to go to the range. High viz. ability front sight adjustable rear sight hardwood stock and nice optic enable you to get out there honing your skills. Also comes with a new in wrap ,never installed ATI black fiberglass stock. To give this old classic a more modern look. Just the right rifle to train with, recreationally shoot, or to hunt small game with. Get the stainless steel classic today. $300

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