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Gun Cleaning: I know this happens to the best of us, you forgot to clean the thing, a few months ago. And frankly it is just nasty. Well we can clean it for you, regardless of how complex. From muzzle loading flintlocks from the 18teens to the latest "plastic fantastic", er..... "polycarbonate super gun", we can clean it! Prices will vary on complexity, and filth level. Unless special tools/supplies are needed the normal "shop hourly fee" applies.


  Optic Mounts: For some odd reason, people want optics on just about everything. Yeah, we do that and for much less than most places charge. MIL1913 rail, rail mount, Stentag, Old style fixed mount? We do them all. Prices vary on parts and time involved.


  Caliber Conversions:Not a service offered a lot lately. Have a rifle in an odd ball of formerly common caliber? Have something in 30.06 and want to use 308? Until now your only options were a costly re barrel. Now with a simple conversion we can make your 30.06 to shoot .308 or your type 99 7.7 arasaka to shoot 7.62x39 or your 7.5 French to 7.62x39. Get that old oddball mill caliber off the rack and take it to the range again! And the best thing is the adapters are removable! MANY CALIBERS AVAILABLE, ask what you want when ordering! Prices start at $75 and up depending on complexity.


 Parkerizing: Gray to dark gray. One of the most durable firearms finishes available. The military has been using it since the 1930's on everything from 1911's to machine guns. And is still using it on the few remaining steel (yes, only works on steel) firearms in service. Disassembled, stripped pistol size $80. If we have to dissemble and strip $120. Rifle sized (Stripped) $100, if we strip and dissemble $150.


 Bluing: The traditional firearms finish. It does take a while, but the results are quite worth it! Matt finish (non polish) pistol sized (disassembled and stripped) $100. If we have to do it $150. Rifle/ shotgun (stripped and disassembled) $130. If we dissemble/ strip $170. Prices may vary slightly on firearms complexity/ size.


Alumia-Black: Aluminum firearms finish. Similar to bluing but for aluminum. Individually quoted.


   Dura Coat: From Houts Enterprises. This epoxy based "wonder firearms finish" is available in more than 170 colors! From Aluminum gray to Zimbabway Brown. Ask for available colors, any color can be ordered. Dries to the touch within an hour after application. Fire-able in 24 hours. Can be "abused" in two to 4 weeks. Just be carefully about cleaning chemicals until fully cured. We put it on a full auto blank gun 4 days prior to an event. Proceeded to dump a lot of blanks and gunzilla down this sewer pipe. Got the barrel hot enough to light a hay bale ablaze... Finish still looked good. $40 per color (applied). Camo patterns available at lesser prices, call for quote.


 Antique Firearm Restoration: Many Smiths cringe at being brought so much brown rusted metal. Well that is how we got our start. Restorations start at $75 and work up depending on complexity and how extensive of a job preformed. You may be surprised on what can be brought back to life after decades of neglect. From Great, Great grandfathers "Ohio pattern" Long rifle. To dads Old Duty, Model 1897. From decades of crud to abused bores, we can bring them back to life. Or at the very least make it look good to put over the mantel..


    Trigger Jobs and Pistol Tuning: We know a lot of shooters that will complain about a stiff trigger right out of the box. Remember, give it a 200 round break in before any tuning or trigger work can be preformed. This will lessen the risk of, once broken in becoming "to light" and possibly becoming unsafe. But, once broken in and a crisper or lighter trigger is desired, please bring it in! Prices range from $30 for a glock trigger "crisping" (sorry the long pull is from the factory as a "safety") to a $80 1911 tune job. We can fix the rough slide pull and most feeding issues. From the c96 broomhandel to the latest polymer guns.

 Anything Else: A lot of jobs we preform are not listed above. But are commonly preformed, from sight and grip replacement, to detailed stripping it can be done for the cost of materials plus the normal shop fee of $50 an hour.

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