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Last one today. I promise. Unless somebody pisses me off. We just got in our delivery of smart knives. We have the mark two of our popular smart knife. This is a larger product that features both of Phillips and flat head screwdriver the socket size is go up to 14 mm has a wire stripper fire starter and belt clip. The other is a very nice belt clip knife, light weight and assisted opening. Both very handy knives the true blade folding knife is $17 and the Marktwo smart knife plus is $22. Great car or bug out bag tools. $17-$22

I honestly didn’t think that these would be as nice or as popular as they have become. We need a headlamp. This is an incredible little rechargeable headlamp/body light. It has three brightnesses of lights a green light red light and a strobe. And a 10 hour runtime on low power setting. Is rechargeable using a standard USB cable and comes with an a less elastic headband and a metal clip on the pivotable adjustable base. These have proven to be incredibly handy and yes their claim of durability is well warranted. I have stepped on the one in the shop at least a dozen times accidentally and one has fallen off of a roof. $20 per sealed unit well worth the price. Also comes with a USB recharger cable. $20

Posting our popular flashlights up on this page. Our Nebo redline. This is a very nice rechargeable flashlight. Can still take the “sure fire “style battery if needed. Even the double AA alkaline batteries. Comes with recharging cable. Metal body. Belt clip. And adjustable glass bezel lens. And overall very nice back up flashlight or primary with a very nice magnet on the bottom. We use these in the shop all the time. Complete sealed unit $30. A fraction of what the surefire is are priced at.

Just in: adjustable m1 rifle gas plugs. Made by Schuster Mfc. Inc. Now you can fire any 30/06 out of your M1. This system acts like a gas bleed valve that can be adjusted to whatever load you are using. The excess gas blows forward toward the muzzle rather than flooding and over pressurizing the system. $45

Finally ordered some Gunzilla! Our ever popular seller here in these parts . Just talk to anybody who’s ever worked in the shop down here on the wonders this product does. Good for everything except for long-term preservation. It’s a CLP ( cleaner lubricant preservative) that actually works. Unlike the crud sold to the DOD. Unfortunately due to the economy and everything my prices on this have gone up. So we have to pass that unfortunately onto you. The small bottle (1.9 ounce) is $10. The 4 ounce bottle will be $20. Get this nice lightweight lubricant right before cold-weather shooting season. $10-$20

In on consignment. Ukrainian manufactured communist bloc night vision. Comes with case power adapter cord without plug and internal rechargeable batteries( supposedly) carry strap, lens covers and instruction manual and language I do not read. A very interesting possibly functional bit of Cold War technology. Guaranteed you’ll be the only kid on your block with one of these. $150

Just in for sale: M1 slings. New in DOD contract packaging. They are the last iteration of the M1 rifle sling. Except with a more durable nylon webbing. Brand new in wrap $15.

We know there us a shortage of quality leather belts. We have made a deal with Peterson's Adventure Gear! Cowhide leather in black and brown in various styles. Sizes from 32" to 46" Buckles come in brass and stainless steel and are interchangeable with your personal buckle. Proudly made in America by a small business just over the State line in Temperance MI. All belts are at the bargain price of $20.00! Other retailers sell for as much as $80.00.

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