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Black Powder

Just in on consignment. A replica French fusel de chase. This is a 20 gauge/62 caliber, 42 inch barreled following peace. Just perfect for the French and Indian war or revolutionary war reenactor. Seen even up to the war of 1812. An iconic firearm of the early fur trading days. This was built a few years ago by another very talented gunsmith. it’s assembled from quality parts from a well-known parts manufacturer. This particular Gun has won several muzzleloading contest trophies throughout the years. A very strong lock that is perfect for either hunting target shooting or reenacting. On this iconic replica of early American history today. I know it’s not an original it just looks like one. $1200

Just in time for the summer shooting season. A gun you can actually get ammunition for! This is a 1980s vintage Century Arms imported Centurion muzzle loader. This is a modern in-line muzzleloader with modern rifle style sites and a 24 inch barrel. is in 50 caliber. It takes a number 11 percussion cap which is available just about anywhere. It is new and unfired. May even feature a chrome lined bore sort of hard to tell on this. Get your modern in-line muzzleloader today at a discounted price of $200.

Just in on consignment. New frontier muzzleloading in-line 50 caliber rifle. This in-line muzzleloader is a break action that takes a shotgun primer. Is 50 caliber with synthetics hardware and a Simmons optic. Still retains all iron sites. A wonderful beginner muzzleloader. Also a wonderful way to extend your hunting season. A lot of modern conveniences on a black powder gun. $300

In on consignment. They Connecticut valley arms now owned by Smith and Wesson optima 50 caliber muzzleloader. This break barrel in-line muzzleloader comes with fiberglass ramrod synthetic stock and unbranded scope. Looks to be the model that takes the shotgun primer. Stainless steel construction and non-rusting furniture. A wonderful way to get into blackpowder shooting with less mess. Still retains full iron sights. Get your Blackpowder season going today. $300

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