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Just in: Wolf 7.62x39mm. 20 round boxes. Ten dollars each.

“BuT i CaN GeT iT ChEaPeR OnLiNE”

Good, get it there then.

Ohhh, forgot about shipping and taxes did you not? Price not so bad now is it? $10

Just in: .45acp: the lords caliber, the 45AARP, 45 wackamall,45 splatmaster, 45 boomer, ect,ect,ect..

Well we have some. Not cheap, but cheaper than anywhere in town.

50rd box thirty dollars 100 round box sixty dollars.

We are not really making any money on these. Limited quantities available. FMJ only. $30-$60

In on consignment. A “getting out of the caliber sale“. On this pile is a box of Remington 165 grain full metal jacket 23 round box. A 50 round box of Remington high terminal performance hollow points. A 25 round box of Remington golden saber. A50 round box of independence full metal jacket. 25 rounds of Aguila full metal jacket. And finally a 50 round box of ultra max ammunition.

Prices as marked.

In on consignment. 45 long colt defensive ammo. One box of Winchester super X jacketed hollow point silver tips. Box of 20. 20 round box of buffalo bore heavy 45 colt outdoorsman load. One The round box of CCI blazer 200 grain jacket at Hollow point. Prices as marked

Just in: Romanian 7.62x25 torkrev. This is your typical COM block Surplus ammunition. Has a brass case is 1983 vintage judging by the head stamp. May or may not be corrosive. This is the lesser pressure stuff that is safe to run in a Tokarev or PPSH style pistol. It will run in the CZ 52 however you may experience some failures to eject due to the Czechoslovakian pistol requiring a much hotter ammunition. We are selling these in 72 round boxes. And yes we understand that this was vastly cheaper in the past. However this very rarely reaches the market and we had to pay accordingly. $50 

Just in. Eastern bloc Surplus 7.62x25 Tokarev. Judging by the packaging it is for TT 33 pistols. Not the hotter Yugoslavian stuff that came in the 72 round boxes. These are in 16 round paper packs and will be $12 apiece. Dust off that old communist World War II pistol or clone of such once again with vintage ammunition. Limited quantities available. $12

Just in. New crate of 8 mm Mauser ammunition. This is Turkish manufactured stuff all of it dates from 1948. Looks very clean brass case most likely non-reloadable. Crapo nickel bullets. Will come on five round stripper clips. We’re going to keep the price the same as the Greek ammunition. So 20 rounds for $15.

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